Workers are under attack in Finland!

Workers are under attack in Finland!

In Finland, the workers are under attack.

The right – wing government, where there is the far – right and then there is conservatives, they are acting against the workers’ benefit.

They are cutting down social security, the right to strike, and they are trying to lose the collective agreements.

And therefore, we need all the support that we can get from Europe.

Ismo Kokko, AKT – Finland


On behalf of the ETF, I want to express full solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Finland who are engaged in a big fight against their government, where far – right is present in. And as it was foreseen, a government with far – right is a government that acts against the unions and against the workers. So our brothers and sisters in Finland must know they do not stand alone. We are with them.

ETF President Frank Moreels

01.02.2024, workers in Finland will gather to protest the anti-worker measures of their government.

ETF President Frank Moreels International and Ismo Kokko from AKT liitto send a clear message:

ETF – European Transport Workers’ Federation stands in solidarity with its finnish brothers and sisters. You will never stand alone.