ITF News Update

Inland vessels carried over 3 percent fewer goods in 2022

In 2022, over 345 million tonnes of goods were transported by inland vessels on Dutch waterways. This is 3.4 percent less than in 2021. Coal shipments by inland vessels increased by 18.6 percent last year. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports this on the basis of new figures.


Tanker and Crew Found Safe After Pirates Steal Cargo in Gulf of Guinea

Success 9 was missing for five days with an international search looking for the tanker. The missing Singapore-registered tanker that was boarded at the beginning of the week has finally been located with authorities in Singapore and South Korea reporting the crewmembers are safe.


WA ferry runs aground on Bainbridge Island after losing power

The ferry Walla Walla, headed from Bremerton to Seattle, ran aground around 4:30 p.m. Saturday in Rich Passage. Washington State Ferries spokesperson Diana Rhodes said it appeared the ferry lost power. There were 596 passengers and 15 crew members on the vessel.


France ratifies Convention C190 on violence and harassment in the world of work

France becomes the 27th country in the world, and the 5th country in the European Union, to ratify the International Labour Organization Convention on Violence and Harassment.–en/index.htm


Unions welcome 50,000 Filipino jobs saved as EU makes right call on seafarer training certificates

Unions are welcoming a decision from the EU maritime watchdog which avoids up to 50,000 Philippines-certified crew being barred from working aboard European-owned ships.


ITF secures freedom for 13 abandoned Filipino seafarers stuck in Singapore for 5 months; $1m in backpay won for crews

Thirteen Filipino seafarers have made it home after more than five months aboard an abandoned livestock carrier ship, the Yangtze Harmony, thanks to the intervention of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).


ITF Secures $1M in Pay for Two Crews Abandoned by Same Company

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) has secured a combined $1 million in back pay and repatriation for two different crews abandoned by the same livestock ship operator, Soar Harmony Shipping Limited.


Call for seafarer centres to urgently provide more welfare support for women

Port-based welfare centres have been asked to urgently improve their services to meet the specific needs of women at sea and support industry efforts to attract and retain female crew. Deborah McPherson reports.


New research finds charging of recruitment fees most common illegal practice experienced by seafarers

The results of a new study of seafarers launched today finds that over two thirds (70%) of seafarers who have experienced violations of their workers’ rights say they were either charged recruitment fees – an illegal practice that can result in significant levels of debt leading to forced labour conditions – or were victims of fake job offers after making advance payments.


Modernising maritime for women: gender research update

An important piece of European research has set out recommendations for attracting more women to careers at sea, many of which echo longstanding Nautilus campaigns on workplace gender support. Deborah McPherson reports.


Fisheries minister criticises EU plans to restrict seabed fishing

The Dutch government has criticised plans by the European Commission to tighten restrictions against seabed fishing, amid warnings it could spell the end of the shrimp industry.


Singapore faces criticism over crew-abandonment case

City-state could have done more to speed up the repatriation of stranded seafarers, claims union. Singapore has come in for criticism from the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) over its handling of a recent crew-abandonment case.


Nautilus calls time on recruitment fraud and job scams after new research reveals seafarers face widespread illegal practices

Nautilus has called for urgent action by governments and industry in the light of new research which has found that the charging of ‘recruitment fees’ is one of the most common illegal practices faced by seafarers, and one which can leave them in significant debt.


Maritime Security: Norway commends Nigeria’s role in Gulf of Guinea

The Norwegian government has commended Nigeria for it leadership role in ensuring safety and security in the Gulf of Guinea.


Seafarers’ Charity supports women seafarers to overcome sexual violence at sea

The Seafarers’ Charity has announced funding for a new service aimed at supporting women seafarers who have experienced sexual trauma while working at sea.


Iran Seizes Another Foreign Vessel for Fuel Smuggling

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has seized another foreign vessel for alleged fuel smuggling, the latest in a string of interdictions aimed at preventing abuse of the nation’s generous fuel subsidy scheme.