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Ministers Seek to Combat Organized Crime in Global Fisheries

COPENHAGEN, March 23 (Reuters) – Organised crime in the fisheries industry that endangers stocks, exploits labour and robs states of billions of dollars must be fought with cross-border surveillance and stronger law enforcement, officials meeting in Copenhagen heard on Thursday.

Iraq ratified the ILO conventions on social protection and on Maritime Labour

Iraq becomes the 64th member State to have ratified ILO Convention on social protection and the 102nd member State to have ratified the maritime labour convention MLC, 2006.–en/index.htm

New Law Bolsters Pay Protections for Seafarers in UK Waters

In a major victory for thousands of seafarers who regularly traverse UK waters, the UK government has passed the Seafarers’ Wages Act, significantly enhancing pay protections and working conditions for those employed in the maritime sector.

Australian Government Support for Sustainable Seafarer Welfare Funding is Failing those Most in Need

Two years on and despite extensive and persistent lobbying, the Australian Government is fundamentally failing seafarers and their families in providing a sustainable funding mechanism for onshore welfare facilities embedded in and protected by primary legislation.

Seafarer’ Wages Act cannot stop another P&O Ferries, Nautilus warns

Nautilus International is warning that the Seafarers’ Wages Act, which became law on 23 March, does not provide strong enough protections to prevent other companies from following the shameful example of P&O Ferries.

Governments obliged to learn pandemic supply chain lessons – maritime report

Governments should learn lessons from the pandemic and its aftermath to secure reliable maritime supply chains for their citizens and the climate, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) has argued in a new report.

Indian captain and crew in distress call to ITF

An Indian ship captain and his five-member crew have been stranded in Sri Lanka for the past four years and unable to leave owing to lingering legal issues between the vessel’s owner and the local authorities.

Global review throws light on gender-based violence in fisheries

A new study published today in Fish and Fisheries argues that gender-based violence (GBV) cannot be separated from other actions taken to achieve equitable social outcomes through fisheries management.

Indian seafarers under judicial custody in Iran to return to India

Five Indian seafarers, who were kept under judicial custody at Iran’s Chabahar Central Jail, are set to return to India on Friday. They will arrive in Mumbai from Tehran via an Iran Air flight, news agency ANI reported citing sources.

ICS publishes new landmark practical medical guide which can deliver a remarkable difference in seafarers’ and fishers’ lives on board vessels

Given the remote nature of shipping, seafarers know that their life may sometimes depend on at-hand practical information readily available during the first crucial moments after an on board medical emergency arises.

‘With great profit comes great responsibility’: Unions grill Maersk over labour violations at Copenhagen AGM

Trade unions representing employees of the world’s largest listed shipping company are in Copenhagen today to take their labour message direct to Maersk headquarters as the company records a record $29 billion profit.

 Seafarers minimum wage law receives Royal Assent

A new law that aims to ensure people who work on ships that regularly dock at UK ports are paid at least the national minimum wage has received Royal Assent.

IMO: Abandonment of seafarers continues to be of great concern

The IMO Legal Committee (LEG), 110th Session is taking place this week with a view to focus on the abandonment of seafarers, fundraising appeal after the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria and the extension of the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

Mission to Seafarers and Deutsche Seemannsmission agree to partnership deal to support seafarer welfare in Panama

To be known as The Seafarers Mission – Panama, this joint initiative will deliver significantly enhanced welfare services and resources for the benefit of seafarers that are passing through one of the world’s most important waterways and shipping nations.

Vessel Documentation Online Stands Against Shipping Vessels Flying False Flags

Vessel Documentation Online, a site that provides online access to applications for boat documentation renewal among other services, strongly condemns shipping vessels flying false flags.

Fire on Philippine ferry kills 29, including children; 225 rescued

MANILA, March 30 (Reuters) – Philippine rescuers searched the smouldering ruins of a burnt-out ferry on Thursday for any survivors or more victims of a fire that swept though the inter-island vessel killing 29 people, including a 6-month old baby, authorities said.

Maritime workers mobilise for strike

The industrial peace in the nation’s ports appears to be heading to the rocks as indications have emerged that the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria, MWUN, is planning to down tools and cripple ports activities nationwide over unresolved industrial issues.

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