iTF News Update – 17th to 23rd March

ITF pledges support for French unions against President Macron’s anti-democratic push to raise the retirement age | ITF Global – 17th March

Statement of support read by Seddik Berrama, ITF Vice President (Arab World), in support for French unions and the mass mobilisation in France after President Emmanuel Macron forced through a pension age rise without a parliamentary vote.


Why ocean shipping is less anti-competitive than lawmakers think | Supply Chain Dive – 17th March

Disruptions in the ocean freight market have created a tsunami of concerns that have led to new legislation, waves of new rules, and a steady current of accusations about collusion. The data, however, suggest that there is more competition on the waters than policymakers want to admit.


10 years after one of Hong Kong’s longest strikes, dockers’ union struggles to uphold labour rights | HKFP – 18th March

Ten years ago this month, Hong Kong’s main container port was rocked by one of the longest labour strikes in the city’s history.


What Do You Do if a Hacker Takes Control of Your Ship? | Maritime Executive – 19th March

NTNU is training mariners on how to respond to a cyberattack in progress. You stand on the bridge and the course is seen digitally. Still, why does the ship continue to turn west?


Hundreds of ‘ghost tankers’ in Gulf of Finland pose risk for maritime safety | Euractiv – 20th March

Unidentified tankers are shipping oil through the Gulf of Finland after the G7 implemented a $60 price cap on Russian oil and the EU and UK imposed a ban on the seaborne import of Russian crude oil forcing Moscow to increase long-distance shipments using questionable vessels.


New EMSA research investigates risks from cargo fires | Safety 4 Sea – 20th March

ased on a safety risk study on containerized cargo fires, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) has released the CARGOSAFE study, with the goal of identifying cost-effective risk control options for cargo fires, dealing with the dimensions of the problem for both existing ships and newbuilds.


WTO members return to negotiating table, aiming for follow-up deal on fishing subsidies | Seafood Source – 20th March

World Trade Organization negotiators are returning to the difficult issue of setting rules on subsidies that lead to overcapacity and overfishing in the world’s oceans.


Government inaction after P&O Ferries scandal gives rogue employers a “free pass to act with impunity”, TUC warns | Politics – 20th March

The Conservative government has given rogue employers a “free pass to act with impunity” after the P&O Ferries scandal – the TUC has warned, referring to the unlawful mass sacking of 800 seafarers a year ago today (Friday).


Sexual abuse at sea: Where we stand | Safety 4 Sea – 20th March

The International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN) has identified abuse and harassment -including sexual abuse and harassment- as key challenges to seafarers’ mental health.


Final crew members of Yangtze Fortune to be repatriated following sale of abandoned carrier | ABC – 21st March

After more than five months at sea on an abandoned ship, the remaining crew of the Yangtze Fortune is finally going home. The Liberian-flagged ship has been anchored off the coast of Portland in south-west Victoria since September last year.


ITF delivers justice for Yangtze Fortune crew abandoned off Australian coast – seafarers repaid missing wages and repatriated home | ITF Seafarers – 22nd March

Seafarers stranded aboard a livestock carrier vessel abandoned off the Australian coast have finally been repaid their missing wages and repatriated home with the assistance of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).


Nigeria targets improved ship registry | Guardian – 22nd March

The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) said it is working to improve the nation’s ship registry to attract more registrations. This is even as the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) has labelled Sierra Leone and Togo as West African countries with the worst flags operating in the Mediterranean Sea.


Shipping Industry Groups to Tackle Crucial Safety Issues in Cargo Transport | G Captain – 22nd March

Five major organizations involved in global cargo transport have joined forces to create a framework for cooperation that will enhance safety during the movement and handling of goods that have the potential to cause harm to the environment, the workforce, and the cargo itself.


Ship tips over in Scotland dry dock, leaving dozens of workers injured | ABN – 23rd March

LONDON — A large ship tipped over while dry-docked in Scotland, injuring 25 people Wednesday, emergency workers said. Police and emergency services were called to the Imperial Dock in Edinburgh after receiving reports that a ship had become dislodged from its holding.