ITF News Update – 17th to 25th February

IMO seeks to endorse electronic training certification | Riviera – 17th Feb

Seafarers will be able to use electronic documentation to certify their training and competence following a decision by HTW 8


Viral Video: Wave Crashes Through Ferry’s Windows in Germany | G Captain – 17th Feb

In the video, which was filmed by a passenger in the ferry’s main cabin, you can see waves breaking over the bow before one bursts through the windows to the shock of about 10 passengers in the cabin at the time. A few sitting up front definitely got the worst of it and all scrambled towards the exit once they realized what was happening.


Filipino seafarers to lose jobs if PH fails to comply with maritime standards | The World News – 18th Feb

MANILA, Philippines – Thousands of Filipino seafarers assigned in vessels around Europe could face displacement if the European Union (EU) rules the Philippines as non-compliant with international maritime standards, the National Maritime Polytechnic (NMP) said on Thursday, February 17.


Twelve Crew Members Remain Missing From Sunken Spanish Trawler | G Captain – 19th Feb

(Reuters) – Two bodies recovered during the search and rescue of a Spanish trawler that sank off Newfoundland this week were taken to the port city of St. John’s in the Canadian province on Friday, Spain’s foreign ministry said.


Greece ferry fire: Missing Olympia passenger found alive as hunt for 11 others continues | Independent – 21st Feb

Extreme temperatures on board the ship have made certain areas of the vessel inaccessible to rescue teams


Newfoundland – Spanish tugboat sinks due to engine failure | Electric City Magazine – 21st Feb

The Pitanxo Villa The owner of the ship announced Monday that it had gone without a rudder or propulsion due to a major mechanical failure in the sinking off the coast of Canada on Tuesday.


New safety legislation for UK seafarers | Ship Technology – 21st Feb

New legislation has come into place for UK seafarers, tightening safety for those working in enclosed spaces on board vessels.


Abandoned burning ship ‘had $400m cargo of luxury cars’ | The Guardian – 21st Feb

Estimate by insurers comes as Felicity Ace is ‘still assumed to remain on fire south of the Azores’


Panama authorities inspect working and living conditions on ships | Seatrade Maritime News – 22nd Feb

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) carried out 289 maritime labour inspections in 2021 on board Panama-flagged vessels, double the number in the previous year.


What remains one of maritime industry’s largest safety issues? | Insurance Business Mag – 22nd Feb

While shipping losses have halved over the past 10 years, fire on vessels remains among the maritime industry’s largest safety issues, according to a new report from Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS). The danger was hammered home last week by incidents involving the Felicity Ace cargo/RoRo ship, which caught fire in the Atlantic while carrying thousands of cars, and the Euroferry Olympia passenger ferry fire off the coast of Greece.


Omicron Ripping Through Cargo Ships May Exacerbate Shipping Woes | Bloomberg Quint – 23rd Feb

(Bloomberg) — Omicron is ripping through cargo ships, raising concerns that a surge in cases, coupled with China’s tightened quarantine requirements for vessels, could delay supply chain stabilization for the shipping industry.


Integrated crew change vessel/gangway entering offshore trial phase | Offshore – 23rd Feb

Ampelmann and Damen Shipyards Group are preparing for the final testing phase of a project that involves integrating the S-type motion compensated gangway with the new fast crew change vessel Aqua Helix (FCS 7011).


Minimum wage: seafarers and other people working at sea | Public – 23rd Feb

This guidance explains when seafarers and other persons who work at sea are entitled to the minimum wage. It provides examples of when UK minimum wage law applies to seafarers working on UK and non-UK registered ships.


Transport unions call for immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian military from Ukraine | ITF Global – 25th Feb
The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) call for an immediate ceasefire in hostilities, for the conflict to return to the diplomatic level, and respect for international human rights and humanitarian law, following the military escalation in Ukraine.