ITF News Update – 15th – 21st October

Filipino seafarers exploited by Fiji’s Goundar finally make it home  | ITF Seafarers – 15th October

Two Filipino seafarers exploited by one of Fiji’s main ferry operators have made it home thanks to the unstinting efforts of the ITF’s inspectors and others.


Italian captain given jail term for returning migrants to Libya | Migration News – 16th October

Giuseppe Sotgiu found guilty of violating international laws that forbid the forced return of people to countries where they are at risk.


ITF condemns assault on inspector, calls for zero-tolerance towards violence in maritime | ITF Seafarers – 18th October

An ITF inspector was physically assaulted by a ship’s Master in an unprecedented attack which the Federation says must be condemned.


COVID-19 and Supply Chain Issues Are Stranding Sailors at Sea | Inside Hook – 18th October

The world is currently experiencing massive upheaval in the global supply chain. The world is also experiencing a pandemic. The two are connected in myriad ways — but they’ve also magnified certain aspects of one another, leading to already-difficult situations becoming more challenging for many people.


Red listing Philippines-based manning agent ‘Able Maritime’ first step to stopping seafarer exploitation | ITF Seafarers – 21st October

The Inspectorate of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) has red listed Able Maritime Seafarers Inc after the crewing agent failed to respond to official enquiries from the ITF about the diabolical pay and terrible conditions of seafarers the company placed in work.


Stella Maris to distribute mental health guide to seafarers | Seatrade Maritime News – 21st October

The booklet ‘A Guide to Mental Health at Sea’ published by MHSS bite-sized tips and strategies for maintaining mental health while sailing the world’s oceans.


China seen as well positioned to lead global shipping industry | China Daily – 21st October

Amid global changes unseen in a century and technological transformation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, China is well positioned to lead the international shipping industry in establishing a world innovation and knowledge center for sustainable transportation, officials and industry insiders said at a forum on Wednesday.