ITF News Update: 1st to 8th July 2021

Vaccines and versatility are overcoming the crew-change crisis  | Lloyd’s List – 1st July

Latest statistics reveal the crew-change crisis remains a concern, but crew managers have found ways to keep seafarers and ships moving. Single-shot vaccines are a gamechanger

While the industry continues to call on governments to do more, behind the scenes crew managers are using every opportunity available including faster promotion, bulk rotations and vaccine drives


Bulk carriers targeted by pirates along Singapore Strait | Lloyd’s List – 1st July

The Singapore Strait has seen 20 reported incidents since the beginning of the year, 16 of these occurred in its eastbound lane

In the most recent five incidents no casualty was reported, but engine spares were stolen in two occasions. In all incidents, the perpetrators escaped upon being sighted and did not harm the crew


New Zealand Puts Seafarer Welfare Funding Into Law | Maritime Executive – 1st July

In a historic move, the New Zealand government has updated its Maritime Transport Act 1994 to provide funding for seafarer welfare services, reflecting effective lobbying undertaken by the New Zealand Seafarer’s Welfare Board with support from Human Rights at Sea. The legislative amendment comes into force today.


The Crew Change Crisis is Getting Worse | Maritime Logistics Professional – 2nd July

The crew change crisis that has been plaguing the maritime industry for more than a year and a half is raging on and only getting worse, data from top 10 of the world’s top ship managers suggests.


How to solve COVID’s crew change crisis and protect global supply chains | Hellenic Shipping News – 3rd July

Around 80% of global trade is transported by ships, and the maritime supply chain is supported by more than 1 million seafarers who are key in delivering the services needed to run our societies. Even as the world slowed down as a result of the pandemic, seafarers did not stop, but kept the supply chain running to ensure goods could reach their destination. This allowed world trade to continue, but it did so at great cost to the seafarers.


Suez Canal authority agrees to release Ever Given to owners in deal that includes tugboat | ABC News – 5th July

The Ever Given container ship that blocked the Suez Canal for six days is to be set free this week after the canal authority and owner settled a dispute over compensation.


‘Take the first vaccine available’: Maritime vaccination rates continue to rise | CTV News – 5th July

FREDERICTON — As travel restrictions relax across Canada, the Maritime provinces are still pushing vaccination and preparing for the next phases of the pandemic.


Free at last — but Egypt must change how it treats abandoned seafarers like Captain Kara | ITF Seafarers – 6th July

ITF contact for Egypt Alsayed Alchazli (left) celebrates with Turkish Captain Vehbi Kara, who went home at the weekend after Egyptian authorities relented and released him from enforced duties as legal guardian of the abandoned MV Kenan Mete


Marine insurers failing to reimburse ransom payments | Lloyd’s List – 6th July

Owners using Gulf of Guinea should ensure they have specific piracy cover or risk six-figure payouts from own account, according to Neylon

‘The only reason (P&I clubs) didn’t pay ransom in Somalia is because it was a property risk,’ says HFW partner


Seafarers’ unions welcome Ever Given release | ITF Seafarers – 7th July

Seafarers’ unions today welcomed the release of the MV Ever Given (IMO: 9811000) from detention in the Suez Canal by Egyptian authorities, but warned that more must be done to safeguard seafarers’ rights and welfare during the pandemic.


Vaccination of Filipino seafarers to keep PH global edge | Manila Times – 7th July

THE mass vaccination of Filipino seamen will help keep their competitive advantage in the global shipping industry as the most sought-after seafarers over other nationalities amid the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a maritime stakeholder.


Singapore backs global initiative to vaccinate all seafarers | The Strait Times – 8th July

Singapore’s maritime sector will work with global stakeholders to vaccinate international seafarers, said Senior Minister of State for Transport Chee Hong Tat yesterday.


Ever Given release welcomed, Stakeholders express concern on vulnerability of Seafarers | Sea News – 8th July

Seafarers’ unions on Wednesday welcomed the release of the MV Ever Given (IMO: 9811000) from detention in the Suez Canal by Egyptian authorities, but warned that more must be done to safeguard seafarers’ rights and welfare during the pandemic.


Holding Ever Given as a bargaining chip was an error | Lloyd’s List – 8th July

Egypt should not have kept boxship sitting in the Great Bitter Lake for months on end simply to bolster negotiating hand

To maintain confidence of the world’s shipping industry, Egypt must prove itself a reasonable interlocutor